Custom Painted Welcome Sign for Wedding

Custom Painted Welcome Sign for Wedding

Custom Painted Welcome Sign for Wedding

Custom paint a Welcome sign to greet your guest when they arrive.

Julie ordered several custom painted signs from me, for her wedding at Sassafrass Springs Winery in Fayetteville.  

One of the signs she ordered was a customed painted welcome sign.

My husband cut the board for me from plywood.  I stained the plywood with a dark maple stain on both the front and back. Next, I freehanded Welcome with a large chalk marker.  The letters of the Welcome were large enough for the guest to see as they arrived.  Julie & Tyler and the date were written smaller as to draw them in and the guest could read it as they got closer.  For all the 2017 Greenery Garland Lovers out there, I placed the sign on a large easel and added a greenery garland on one corner.

By placing the garland on the sign it tied in the outdoor venue and the stain looked awesome with the color of the stone.

custom wedding weldome sign

I also painted some of the 1st Corn signs for the ceremony and a custom painted order of events which was placed it at the entrance of the reception.

If you want custom painted signs that don’t look like cookie cutter sign contact me for more information about buying or renting my custom signs.   Debbra @ 479-719-0801



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