What are some of the floral trends for 2018?

What are some of the floral trends for 2018?

Brides booking for 2018 are asking what is going to be the style or trend in 2018?

We are already seeing some of the things that will be popular next year!  After all it is only a few months away.

moongate wedding arch, lush garden wedding, circle arch

The moon gate has been used in weddings in the US for a couple years, but going to see it alot in 2018.  The moon gate, circular arch covered with lots of greenery and lush flowers is absolutely stunning!  The Chinese moon gate represents moon rise – birth/rebirth used in gardens for centuries.

Florals that are round, circular, hoops, loops, and hanging are on trend!

Love the hanging hoops!  You will see lots of hanging florals.  Did I say hanging!  Yes, hanging florals will be over the top!  Looking for motion to be popular!  Hanging florals that are on a spinner or just moving from the wind or fans.

Lush statements pieces!

You don’t have to have an over the top arrangement on every table!  The head table or sweetheart table would be a great placement of the statement pieces.  When I design the tables I like to have at least 3 different designs and heights to add interest to the room.

lush floral centerpieces, tall wedding centerpieces, Statements pieces

Luxury and over the top!  Layers of roses, orchids, hydrangeas, roses and more roses create a luxurious event that will be talked about for months!

Hope you are excited about your 2018 wedding!

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Photos were from pinterest post.  Sarah Campbell credit  information on trends.






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